First week of placement is done and…

…what a week it has been! I feel like I have learnt more this week than I have in the last ten (and I’m not just talking about my times tables!).

After lots of prep over the weekend I went in on Monday morning feeling absolutely terrified but before I knew it 30 children were filing in waiting for instructions. I no longer had time to be terrified, I just had to do it. It was the fastest hour of my life and by the end I was flying – the children were engaged and enjoyed the lesson, I had a great time and the feedback from my host practitioner was good. I was on top of the world and couldn’t wait for my next lesson.

Then came Tuesday and Wednesday. These lessons were quite a different story and by Wednesday evening I was really questioning my ability to teach. I felt completely run down and even on Thursday morning just wanted to hide under the duvet.

After having a word with myself in the car on the way to school I went in and was determined to have a good lesson. I spent the time I had before the children arrived amending my lesson, thinking about what had gone wrong before and how I could make sure it didn’t happen again. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it worked and I’ve since had two great lessons and now I’m sitting at home and can’t wait for next week (after some much needed sleep and a take-away).

As I said before I learnt a lot this week. Some of these will seem obvious, but it’s not until you are standing in front of 30 children and realise you have photocopied the wrong page to make you appreciate them. So…

1: Pay attention to what you are photocopying.

2: Be ready for your lesson to be turned upside down because half the children need to go to the office. School will teach you the true meaning of flexibility and thinking on your feet.

3: There is nothing like the prospect of audience participation or a ‘job’ to get everyone’s attention.

4: The children will only do what you ask them to do – if you don’t tell them to put their names on it, they won’t. (This makes the assessment part quite difficult!!)

… and finally, even after what might seem like the worst lesson in history you can still find some positives. Once you sit back and reflect on it you’ll realise it wasn’t all bad and the things that were are your learning points for next time.


One thought on “First week of placement is done and…

  1. This sounds like a true report on a first week of teaching and really gives an impression of both highs and lows. I look forward to the sequels.

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