Observation nerves…

So I’m posting a bit later than normal this week (or really last week!) and although I had a great week and did want to post, by the weekend I just needed to hibernate under my duvet and recover from a serious medical condition that I’m sure most male readers will identify with – Man-Flu. 

Anyway – I was raring to go on Monday after the successes I had enjoyed the week before and was confident in what I was doing. I actually felt organised for a change. My first observation was also this week so I had made every effort over the weekend to make sure I knew exactly what I was doing and when. 

Before the observation however I was so nervous it was untrue – I felt the need to keep tweaking my plans and had circled the classroom about 100 times during play to make sure each desk had enough pencils, sheets, number squares and anything else the children might possibly need. It might seem a little over the top, but it paid off. 

The only way I can describe my first observation is a little bit like your driving test. Once your going you can’t stop, you notice every little mistake you make and you are very aware of the person watching you from the corner of your eye. Those of you who have done their driving test will also know what a relief it is to get to the end and get put out of your misery.

I had a meeting with my School Based Tutor at lunchtime so had some time to mull over the lesson myself and had come to the conclusion that it had gone fairly well – and it had. I came out with some very positive comments which confirmed that I could in fact do the job. I also came out with a list of action points to work on which I spent the rest of the week trying to add into my lessons. 

Needless to say I’m now dreading my next observation, which happens to be tomorrow. Wish me luck everyone! 


2 thoughts on “Observation nerves…

  1. Well done Dan! I started my teacher training over 40 years ago… and as I always say to the folk to whom I’ll be their FLT… you will never forget your first lesson. I certainly remember my English lesson in which I organised a comprehension type activity about London. Thank you for being so honest… I am sure that most of your colleagues on your course will be able to relate to your experiences. Best wishes… and I look forward to redaing more. Wes.

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