Christmas is coming…

and at my school we do it in style. We have giant polar bears and reindeer in reception, several Christmas trees and a Santa’s grotto! It’s all very exciting and the children love it. Although it does make me panic that I haven’t bought any Christmas presents yet!!

I apologise for not blogging over the last couple of weeks, I have been absolutely manic with one thing or another. The good news is, observations are going well and I’m making good progress. There has been a virus going around school which has meant a lot of staff have been off ill recently so it’s been all hands on deck to keep everything going (and put up the dec’s!) and although at times it’s been quite stressful, it’s been great and I feel I’ve grown as a person and as a teacher.

I was told by my PDT that eventually you will begin to feel like a teacher. I’m not sure I knew what this really meant before, but now I do. I really feel like I’ve settled in and that the pupil’s see me as any other teacher in the school. Although that doesn’t mean I don’t still feel like half the time I don’t have a clue what I’m doing – it also doesn’t mean that all my lessons go brilliantly. It does mean though that I feel more confident in my ability to overcome any problems and meet my targets. 

Anyway, I must sign off now – off to school I go. I need to figure out how to use a database before I teach it to the children. Wish me luck! 🙂


One thought on “Christmas is coming…

  1. Hi Dan

    Sounds as if you are having a great time and doing well. Enjoy the Christmas preparations and look forward to seeing you back in Faculty zoo


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