Good Bye!

Good Bye!

It’s all over! I can’t believe it’s been six weeks and I’ve finished placement. I have really mixed feelings about the end of my time at school. The last week has been quite tough, not because of the workload (which was still mad), but because I was just so tired! With a mixture of trying to catch up with friends and family before Christmas, all the usual planning and evaluations, preparing for my end of practice review and debrief with my tutors and not to mention the fact that the children were ready for the holidays about two weeks ago has meant all I wanted to do by Friday was go to bed!

On the other hand though, I was really, really sorry to be leaving. I think I mentioned in my last post that my placement school felt like it was just where I worked now, so to be leaving so soon was quite sad – especially when the children presented me with a (not so secret) surprise card and presents at the end of the day!

I say not so secret – I was completely oblivious to the fact they were making a card when I’d been banished to the art room by my Host Practitioner to do painting with some of the children, when I came back I was told by one of the children not to go in the class next door because Miss was angry and shouting… Oh and they had a card for me, but I’m not meant to know!

Anyway – the point I’m trying to make here is I have had the best six weeks, which have been made entirely by the children. There are times when you think ‘What on earth am I doing here?’, but these are insignificant compared to the rest of the time when it is just fantastic

So to all you potential PGCE students for 2013 – it might seem like the scariest, most tiring, hardest thing you’ve ever done but it’s totally worth it. Right… I’m going back to bed!


4 thoughts on “Good Bye!

  1. Hi, I originally read your posts when they were first published after being told about them from a lecturer from uni (im studying early years at BCU). Im currently about to start year 3 and looking into applying for the PGCE and just wondered what age you were working with at the school for your placements? Im unsure myself as to what age range to opt for. Thanks, lauren.

    • Hi Lauren, I did the PGCE Primary so age range 5-11. I had two placements in Year 3 and Year 2. Before my PGCE I was sure I wanted to teach in Key Stage 2, but my Year 2 placement completely changed my mind and I now have my own Year 2 class. If you are still unsure about which age range to teach see if you can do some voluntary work at a primary school where you can get some experience in different year groups. Speak to your lecturers too, they might be able to offer some advice about the right route for you. Good luck with everything! Dan

      • Hi, thanks for getting back in touch! Im currently swaying towards the 3-7 years PGCE after having a recent placement in a Reception class and really enjoying it and also having volunteered in a year 2 class previously and loved that too! I will definately still consider voluntary work within the older primary years before I make my final decision. Thanks for your help!

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